Sunday, September 22, 2019

Paragraph 1
Water scarcity is when there is no water left on earth. Freshwater is a necessity to all living things on earth. Without water living things would cease to exist on our blue planet.

Paragraph 2
Fresh water is on demand there is over 7.5 billion humans and 8.7 million species on earth imagine how many individual animals there are! Despite all of that demand only 1 percent of clean water accessible to humans and animals on earth. And that one is going to become a zero because of human activity. Pollution is a major issue contributing to water scarcity. The main causes of water pollution include pesticides and fertilizers that leak into water systems from surrounding farms, and human and industrial waste. 

Paragraph 3

Overpopulation causes people to plant more plants and more plants mean more water needed for plants and humans and animals also are in a demand for water to make the situation worse there is only 1 percentage of clean water left on earth!

When all this collect up it becomes a complete disaster! Another reason is pollution. Pollution causes heat in the atmosphere and that causes less rainfall eventually causes a drought which is water scarcity

Paragraph 4

Many people, in countries and cities that have good rainfall, usually take water for granted.   People forget about how precious and pure it is. In some countries, people are queueing for hours to fill up buckets of water from water trucks because their town supply has run out. but in other places, people are standing in the shower singing songs and wasting one hours worth of water, leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth and turning on tapps that use water when they aren’t full. Toilets are getting flushed on the full setting a lot more than they should, clothes are getting washed when they aren’t even dirty and leaks and spills aren’t getting fixed right away.  

Paragraph 5 

Overpopulation, and technology are some causes of climate change.  Climate change can affect the amount of freshwater accessible on earth. population puts a huge strain on the earth’s resources.  Natural environments need to be cut down to make way for cities, towns and housing. More people also means more cars, more pollution and more rubbish.  Development and technology has meant more factories and pollution and the creation of appliances, toys, packaging and products that will eventually get thrown away.  Pollution and deforestation leads to climate change. The pollution created traps CO2 gases in the atmosphere and causes the earth to heat up. Less trees means more CO2 in the air as trees breathe in CO2 and produce oxygen.  One of the negative effects of the earth heating up is more extreme weather patterns, including droughts. A drought is a long period of low or no rainfall.  Low rainfall in certain places, especially highly populated places can cause a severe water shortage.


Water scarcity is a huge issue that can have a massive impact on all living things. A clean water shortage means that people slowly become thirsty and then become dehydrated, making them sick or even dead. People might have no choice but to drink polluted and dirty water which can cause diseases, viruses and poisoning. Without clean water, crops can’t grow and produce enough food for people to eat.  Animals will soon die, upsetting food chains and natural environments. Life becomes hard when there is a water shortage and natural environments and all living things suffer. Humans need to save water and look after the earth so that there is enough of this limited liquid for everyone that desperately need it.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sunflower process

Hassan         Intro

Sunflowers go through many stages of development, from a small seed to a tall, vibrant flower.  

Firstly, the process starts with a sunflower seed.  The seed is shaped like a mini rugby ball. Then it grows into a tiny, peach root that looks like a worm.  Secondly it grows into a little plant.

Thirdly, the little plant continues to grow and sprouts dark green leaves. 

Next, the flower grows a bud at the top that looks like a large ball.  It is light green and contains petals that are curled up.

Then the bud opens revealing a large, yellow flower.  The middle of the flower grows seeds that turn dark then fall and scatter to the ground.

Lastly, the flower starts to die and rot into the soil.  

The sunflower seeds will then sprout again with conditions are right and the lifecycle will start again.

The sunflower goes through many stages of growth throughout its life.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Setting description

Hassan The atmosphere was sunny and calm. The sun was scorching the beautiful beach. The ocean had 2 sides . 1 side was dark blue and the other side was light blue. The water was fresh and clean. The air was so fresh it was completely unpolluted. The air smelled like a delicious ice cream. I could hear water splashing on the pier. Across the pier I could see an island with a big forest full f dark green trees

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Mum Dad Harper Max picnic Wooden bridge Splash Human cannonball Harper Scared Children Pushy kid Excuse Toilets Yoda Discussion Jumped Great Mum, Dad, Harper and Max went to a picnic they decided to walk, and on the way they had to cross a wooden bridge, when they were half way through the wooden bridge. Splash! the wooden bridge broke because of a human cannonball. Harper got scared because the other children were being a pushy kid to him Dads excuse for why he didn't save harper was that he had to hold a colossal fart in. Then out of the near toilets came Yoda! He had a discussion with the kids and dad and they all jumped and said great sarcastically! By: Vivaan, Hassan, Rishi We think we got a 4/10 The part that we got wrong was when the human cannonball breaks the bridge, the colossal fart, And the yoda part of course.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019